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Neuraseer has developed an exciting new tool for advertising teams and marketers.

Using cutting-edge AI and Deep Learning algorithms, Neuraseer's Responsive Advert System (RAS) can construct a profile based on a subject's cookies and search history to automatically create a model of the subject's mental state and then display an appropriate subliminal advertisement alongside a conventional advert.

Our studies have shown that this system increases engagement up to 85%.
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More About RAS

The Responsive Advert System is possible thanks to innovations made in deep learning.

Deep learning allows an AI to mimic the way a human thinks, allowing it to learn without human supervision. This has paved the way for our fully autonomous RAS, which is always learning new ways to interpret the data it is presented. As the RAS gains more users and a larger audience, it's ability to understand human emotion and create appropriate subliminal advertisements will grow.

In order to ensure the best user experience, the RAS AI shares it's dataset with a central server, ensuring that there is a backup should the RAS fail and allowing future iterations of the RAS to learn from a vast set of existing data, turbocharging it's launch.

Subliminal Advertising

The Responsive Advert System uses subliminal messages to increase the effective of advertisements. Tailor-made messages are sent to the audience via medium of conventional advertisements; while the 'normal' advert is displayed on the page, it periodically pulses a subliminal message too short to be detected by the conscious mind. The message instead target the subconscious mind, far below the threshold for conscious perception, eliminating any chance that the audience member will be aware that they are under the influence of subliminal messages.

Due to internet browsing data being used by RAS to create targeted subliminal messages, the system currently only works with web-browser advertisements, although research into other applications is already underway; one such area of research is into integrating the AI into digital advertising displays such as those found in malls. These displays could be equipped with cameras to read shopper's expressions and identify their purchases, allowing the RAS to create targetted subliminal advertisements for each shopper who passes, or to fit the trends observed in the collected data.

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